Another world is possible

Many community projects want to create a new, life-affirming culture and economy. Often enough, regulations make that difficult. What to do?

More and more people are realizing that the way we live in so-called „civilized“ countries does not favor health and happiness.
Isolation, stress, the pressure to „function“ to earn money, raising children alone without a village to support the family – all of that does not feel natural, and it is not.

That’s why there are more and more initiatives to found next-culture communities, towns and different projects with visions like these:

  • creating healing biotopes for humans and other living beings,
  • achieving as much self-sufficiency as possible – with organically grown food and energy,
  • mutual support in practical matters instead of paying strangers – also concerning childcare,
  • sharing (and thus saving) resources,
  • using environmentally friendly technologies and building with natural materials,
  • practicing holistic ways to heal and stay healthy,
  • giving children the best start in life – by being born at home with a midwife;
  • creating spaces where children can grow up in freedom and learn what they really need in order to lead a happy and healthy life,
  • creating a life-affirming culture involving rites of passage, initiations as well as celebrations for the whole cycle of life,
  • practicing gift economy or using an interest-free currency in order to become independent of today’s interest-based money system.

What about the regulations…?

All of the above is possible – but unfortunately it is made difficult by regulations. Every detail from birth to death is becoming more and more regulated – not in order to serve life, but rather in order to serve the interests of corporations, banks and powerful lobby factions.
Here are just a few aspects of what’s going on:

  • Regulations favor industrially grown food which has been showered with pesticides, and they even subsidize huge meat production facilities where animals live a tortured life. Meanwhile, organically grown food and loving animal husbandry is made artificially difficult and expensive by those regulations.
  • Efforts to build with natural materials are often thwarted by regulations;
  • Creativity, intuition and empathy are beaten out of children in schools that are designed to shape children into adaptive consumers who do not ask questions and obey orders given by „authorities“. Parents who take their children out of school are persecuted by government agencies, their children even taken away by the police if they are not careful.
  • Pregnant women are pressured by doctors and regulations to go to a hospital for birth, and much too often even to have a caesarean – thus deeply traumatizing newborns;
  • Doctors and hospitals prescribe drugs and operations even when they are not needed or even harmful. They treat symptoms while ignoring the emotional causes of illnesses and simple cures like changes in nutrition, medicinal plants and more.
    This happens because of regulations that say what is „scientific“ and what is not, and what should be paid for by insurances or not – and because doctors are paid as long as sick patients keep coming (instead of being paid for keeping people healthy).

So in practice, it can be quite difficult for a community initiative to implement their dreams! Often enough, I have seen wonderful projects fail because of the abovementioned aspects.

What now? Emigrate? Petition? Wait for a savior?

In some countries, like Germany for example, such regulations are imposed much more strictly than elsewhere. So I completely understand anyone who wishes to emigrate!
But in my view, this doesn’t really change anything, because the causes of the aforementioned challenges are the same everywhere. Today’s political-economic system favors power and profit interests over the common good, no matter where you are.

(Besides, you take your beliefs and your frame of mind with you, wherever you go. If you believe that you are a victim of circumstances and others want to harm you, you will likely find similar problems even after emigration… except if you yourself evolve and change your mind.)

It also does not make sense to rely on democratic elections or petitions, because there is no truly democratic country anywhere in the world. A working democracy would require, for example,

  • …that those who make the laws are not influenced or pressured by the interests of corporations, banks or lobby factions – so that they can truly serve the common good by listening to their own ethical conscience;
  • …that the voters have at least a basic understanding of political and economic topics,
    in order to be able to assess which representative truly serves the common good.
    This, in turn, would require that they are informed truthfully by schools and media.

None of this is the case – anywhere in the world!
So, at present there is no truly democratic country in existence. We could rather call today’s system a dictatorship of corporate/bank interests.

So, please: Let’s not fall for distractions like petitions, elections, lawsuits against a government, or founding new political parties… that would just continue to confirm the old system’s power and waste time that is needed to create something truly new.

What to do instead? How to create something new?

Some of you might say now: The first prerequisite to create something new is a change in consciousness. You cannot create new things by thinking old thoughts!
Of course that’s true. Healing traumata, learning to feel and to trust life again, shadow work, being initiated into true adulthood, creating a new culture that is worth being called that name – all that and more is necessary.

And while doing those healing processes, it is also necessary to ACT practically.
Healing and action go together.

So, let’s get back to the original topic:

How can we implement towns, villages and projects like those mentioned above – to live in peace with each other and with nature instead of fighting?
How can we do that unhindered by the criminal old system?

In principle, that would require a country of its own, with completely new life-serving structures to replace the old system.
However, there are no „white spots“ on the map that freedom-loving people could simply move to. That’s why the Zapatistas, for example, sought autonomy – and unfortunately they used violence to get it.

What if there is a peaceful way instead? What other possibilities are there?

Indeed, international law does not forbid secession – which means founding a new state on the territory of an existing state. So that’s exactly what some people did:

A new kind of state to serve Life

The Kingdom of Germany (Königreich Deutschland, KRD) was founded in 2012 to be a completely new kind of organizational framework. It is not an instrument of domination and control like old-style states; instead, it serves to foster peace, health, happiness and the evolution of consciousness.
It is an offer that people any cultural, personal or religious background can choose by their own free will.
The KRD is organized like a direct ascending democracy combined with a council republic; the king has mostly representative functions.
Towns and villages in the KRD are (will be) granted extensive rights of self-determination, so that decision-making comes back to the people who are directly affected.

The new state is not yet large enough to host everyone who wants to live there – but several places on German soil have already become part of its territory, and it can continue to grow by legal and peaceful means. For example, it is possible for village projects, farms, companies etc. all over Germany to switch into the KRD’s jurisdiction by legal means. Quite a few have done so already, and many more will come!

It all started on a patch of land in Wittenberg (in Saxony, Eastern Germany) which now hosts the main administration and several companies. A 4-hectar village project and a seminar center later came into the KRD’s jurisdiction, as well as a growing number of other patches of land where peaceful pioneers live and work to create communities of the future.
I am very much looking forward to the day when the first village mayor will decide to switch to this new state!

In those places, the KRD’s Constitution applies:

  • Parents can choose their own way to educate their children. There is no compulsory schooling. In the future, there will be completely new spaces of true learning. Maybe YOU will be part in creating the first?
  • In the KRD, the state pays for healthcare. That means that it has a self-interest to prevent disease by dissolving its causes:
  • Organically grown food, holistic health programs, natural ways of building etc. are actively encouraged.
  • In the KRD, the state issues its own currency – free of debt and interest. That prevents corporations and banks from influencing laws for their own interests. Also, it prevents speculation with land, food, natural resources and homes. This new economy encourages cooperation instead of competition, creates abundance instead of scarcity, and serves life instead of profit.
  • The constitution makes sure that only capable and ethical people can get into positions of great responsibility.

Although I assume that humankind will no longer need constitutions, money and insurances in the future, I think these new organizational structures can be very useful to help ease the transition to that future.
They can give a sense of safety to people who need it, while promoting cooperation and abundance and encouraging responsible action – until people’s consciousness has developed to such an extent that any artificial structures simply become superfluous.

What’s going on in the KRD – in practice?

So far, there are about 6000 members and citizens of the KRD (as of March 2023) who live all over Germany and also in other countries. Some of them are living and working in community in one of the abovementioned places; most stay in their home region, using and promoting the new structures there and organizing different projects of their own.
The KRD’s village projects are striving to build a new culture, while also pursuing as much self-sufficiency as possible regarding food, energy and other practical matters. There are also more than 500 companies in the KRD’s jurisdiction already (which do not pay any taxes, by the way…) : They provide food, energy, clothing and everything else people need – and they use and accept the new interest-free currency, the E-Mark.
Like this, the KRD as a whole becomes more and more independent of the old economy.

How to get more information – or even take part?

The KRD’s activities are focused on German territory so far, so there is not too much information in English about the KRD yet – but of course you can use a translation program to understand the following sites:


Questions and Answers

Living and working with the KRD core team
You can also subscribe to the public telegram channel or the e-mail newsletter.
The KRD’s constitution can be found here in several different languages.

So maybe… see you soon!

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